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Core Faculty

Stephen Katz
Professor, NELC
Goodbody Hall 206
(812) 855-4744
Modern Hebrew Language and Literature; Fiction of S. Y. Agnon; American experience of Jews and Hebrew writers; Hebrew poetry  
Asma Afsaruddin Professor, NELC
Memorial Hall M17
(812) 855-5993
Pre-modern and modern Islamic religious and political thought; Qur’anic hermeneutics; Hadith criticism; Exegetical, legal, and ethical perspectives on jihad and martyrdom; Gender roles  

Salman H. Al-Ani
Professor, NELC
Goodbody 204
(812) 855-8555
Arabic linguistics with a special emphasis on phonetics, phonology, morphology and syntax  

Iman Alramadan
Lecturer, NELC


Asaad Al-Saleh
Assistant Professor, NELC

Guadalupe González Diéguez
Assistant Professor, NELC Memorial Hall W001A
(812) 855-4867

Medieval Jewish and Arabic Philosophy; Jewish Mysticism and Kabbalah; Muslim Spain (al-Andalus); Golden Age of Hebrew Literature; Sephardic Culture; Spinoza

Zaineb Istrabadi
Senior Lecturer, NELC
Goodbody Hall 302
(812) 856-0372
Teaching Arabic as a Second Language; Interfaith dialogues; Community Outreach; Sufism  

Aziza Khazzoom
Associate Professor, NELC, Director of Undergraduate Studies
Goodbody Hall 348
(812) 856-2279
Israeli identity and multiculturalism; Stratification; Gender; Race/ethnicity/nation; Immigration  
Kevin W. Martin
Assistant Professor, NELC
Goodbody Hall 241
(812) 856-6861
Modern Middle East; the Modern Islamic World; the Modern Levant (Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq); Cultural history of the Modern Arab world  
Nader Morkus
Assistant Professor, NELC
Director of the Arabic Language Program
Goodbody Hall 305
(812) 856-2400
Second Language Acquisition; Discourse Level Analysis of the Speech Act of Refusal in Egyptian Arabic; Intercultural Pragmatics and Communication  
M. Nazif Shahrani
Professor, NELC
Goodbody 157
(812) 855-4858
Cultural ecology of nomadic pastoralism; State and society; Islamic movements; Identity politics; Social change and modernization; Muslim family and gender dynamics in Soviet and post-Soviet Central Asia  
Abdulkader Sinno
Associate Professor, NELC
Woodburn Hall 323
(812) 855-5885
Civil wars; Ethnic strife and other Territorial conflicts; Muslims in Western Politics; Political Islam  
Steve Vinson
Associate Professor, NELC
Memorial 019
(812) 856-6736
Ancient Egyptian language and literature; History of Graeco-Roman Egypt Ancient Egyptian transportation and trade, especially boats and ships  

John Walbridge
Professor, NELC, Director of Graduate Studies
Goodbody 222
(812) 855-8689
Islamic philosophy and Islamic intellectual history, emphasis on the cultural role of philosophy and science; Baha'i studies, Islamic Studies, Islamic History  

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Adjunct and Affiliated Faculty

Heather Akou
Adjunct Associate Professor
Memorial Hall E230
(812) 855-5223
African (Somali) and Islamic dress; aesthetics; diaspora cultures; Islamic fashion; the role of textiles, dress and the body in religious practices
Jane Goodman
Adjunct Associate Professor
800 E. Third Street
(812) 855-3232
Berber studies; Language, performance and identity; Textuality and discourse
John Hanson
Adjunct Associate Professor
Ballantine Hall 731
(812) 855-5212
West African history; Muslim communities; Social/cultural history
Feisal A. R. Istrabadi
University Scholar in International Law and Diplomacy
Law School 243
(812) 856-2987
Constitutional Democracy; Iraqi politics; Processes of building legal and political institutions in countries in transition from dictatorship to democracy
Paul Losensky
Adjunct Associate Professor
Goodbody Hall 207
(812) 855-9665
Iranian Studies; Persian literature and literary history (in particular the literature of the 16th and 17th centuries in Iran); India; Central Asia; Literature, architecture, and topography; Sufism and literature; Comparative studies in the Baroque; Translation and translation studies
David McDonald
Adjunct Assistant Professor
506 N. Fess, Room 105
(812) 855-4124
Israel/Palestine; Performance ethnography; Social theory; Ethnomusicological study of voilence and socio-cultural trauma.

Samuel Obeng
Director, African Studies Program
Professor, Linguistics
(812) 855-8199
African political and juridical discourse; African anthroponomy; language policy and language attitudes in Africa; pidgins and creoles; pragmatics of prosody; African languages documentation; evaluation and testing in African languages
Karen Rasler
Adjunct Professor
Woodburn Hall 210
(812) 855-2027
International conflict and cooperation; Relative decline of world powers
Kaya Sahin
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Ballantine Hall 814
(812) 856-0309
The institutional and ideological foundations of the Ottoman imperial praxis; Comparative studies of early modern Eurasian empires; Ottoman and modern Turkish historiography; Ottoman-Safavid rivalry; Inter-cultural and inter-religious exchanges in early modern Eurasia
Ruth M. Stone
Adjunct Professor
510 N. Fess, Room 100A
(812) 855-0398
Music as culture and performance; Theory of ethnomusicology

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Emeriti Faculty

Salih Altoma
Professor Emeritus, NELC
Goodbody 102
(812) 855-5993
Arabic Linguistics; Teaching Arabic as a second language
Gustav Bayerle
Professor Emeritus, NELC
Goodbody 102
(812) 855-5993
Sixteenth and seventeenth century Ottoman history; Hungarian history; Ottoman philology
Mark Day
Librarian Emeritus for Near Eastern, Islamic, and Central Eurasian Studies
Wells Library E960
(812) 855-9885
Ancient Near East; Islamic Civilization
Hasan El-Shamy
Professor Emeritus, Department of Folklore and Ethnomusicology
506 N. Fess 101
(812) 855-4124
Folklore, folktale, ballad; Psychological approaches; Africa, the Middle East
Henry Glassie
Adjunct Professor Emeritus, NELC
504 N. Fess
Bloomington, IN 47408
Folk art and material culture; Historical approaches; the United States, Ireland, Turkey, Bangladesh
Eugene Kleinbauer
Professor Emeritus, NELC
Fine Arts 413
(812) 855-9556
Early Christian, Byzantine, and Carolingian art and architecture
Consuelo López-Morillas
Adjunct Professor Emerita, NELC
Ballantine Hall 871
(812) 855-1157
Hispano-Arabic language and literature; Aljamiado language and literature; History of the Spanish language; Peninsular dialectology; Romance linguistics
Christine Ogan
Affiliated Professor Emerita, NELC
Ernie Pyle Hall 206a
(812) 855-1699
International communications; Information and communication technology; Social informatics; Middle East and Western Europe
Suzanne Stetkevych
Professor Emerita, NELC
Goodbody 319
(812) 855-8722
Classical Arabic Poetry; Ritual, performance, and Historicist approaches to the qasidah; Praise Poetry to the Prophet

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NELC Librarian

Akram Khabibullaev
Librarian for Middle Eastern, Islamic, and Central Eurasian Studies
Wells Library E960
(812) 855-9885
History of Medieval Arabic Literature and Islamic Civilization; Library and Information Science

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MAIN OFFICE NUMBER (812) 855-5993
Connie Sue May
Department Coordinator
Goodbody Hall 214
1011 E. Third St.

Most requests will need to be submitted in writing. Please consider email as the first line of communication. We typically respond to inquiries within 2 business days.

Supervises NELC office staff, serves as the Chair’s Assistant, responsibility for NELC accounts and payroll.  Serves as Scheduling Officer, facilitates guest speaker and Visiting Scholar visits. Serves as Data Supervisor for the Department. Responsible for NELC Human Resources operations. Coordinates faculty recruitment efforts and serves as the Department’s building representative.

Delgar Woodruff
Graduate Secretary

Most requests will need to be submitted in writing. Please consider email as the first line of communication. We typically respond to inquiries within 2 business days.

Academic progress, admissions, applications

Will Smith
Undergraduate Academic Advisor
Goodbody Hall Room 240
(812) 855-2736
Undergraduate advising, Scheduling visits to campus for prospective students, Undergraduate degree requirements
NELC Office
Goodbody Hall 219
1011 E. Third St.
P: (812) 855-5993
F: (812) 855-8659
General inquiries about the Department

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