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People: Adjunct and Affiliated Faculty

R. Kevin JaquesR. Kevin Jaques

  • Associate Professor, Department of Religious Studies
  • Director, Islamic Studies Program
  • Affiliated Associate Professor, Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures


  • PhD, Emory University, 2001

Research Interests

  • Islamic legal history
  • Islam in Southeast Asia and Indian Ocean communities
  • Religious authority in times of social and cultural upheaval
  • Methods and methodologies in the academic study of religion

Contact Information

Office: Sycamore Hall, Room 223
Phone: (812) 855-6907

Courses Recently Taught

  • Introduction to Islam
  • Religions of the West
  • Life and Legend of Muhammad
  • Prophets, Gods, and Demons: Islam in Southeast Asia
  • Knowing the Will of God in Islam: Law
  • Knowing the Will of God in Islam: Theology

Publication Highlights

  • Authority, Conflict, and the Transmission of Diversity in Medieval Islamic Law. Leiden: Brill, 2006.
  • Ibn Hajar al'Asqalani. The Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies Makers of Islamic Civilization Series. Oxford: Oxford University Press, in press.
  • "The Contestation and Resolution of Inner and Inter-School Conflicts through Biography." In Plurality and Pluralism in Muslim Contexts, ed. Zulfikar Hirji. I.B. Tauris, forthcoming.
  • "'The Other Rabi': Biographical traditions and the Development of Early Shafi'i Authority." Islamic Law and Society 14 (2), July, 2007: 143–79.
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