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Overseas Study

Overseas study programs (both IU and Non-IU) can supplement the course of study at IU, giving students an opportunity to immerse themselves in the cultures and languages of the Middle East. Please visit the Office of Overseas Study website for general information about studying abroad as an IU student. Additionally, please check out our blog for more information on overseas and domestic study opportunities.

Below is a summary of IU programs and Non-IU programs that may be of interest to NELC undergraduate students.

IU Programs

  • American University in New Cairo, Egypt: choose from a wide selection of courses taken alongside local Egyptian students. This program is offered as an IU program for the summer, semester, or academic-year.
  • Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel: offers language courses in both Hebrew and Arabic as well as interdisciplinary courses focusing on Israeli and Middle Eastern Studies. This program is offered as an IU program for the semester or academic-year. Summer programs at HUJ are considered non-IU programs.
  • Summer in Jordan with IUPUI: offers a 3-credit course about the contemporary Middle East taught by a faculty member from IUPUI. Application is open to IUB students during the summer semester.

Non-IU Programs
There are many opportunities for Arabic language study both within the United States and abroad. We strongly encourage our NELC students to take advantage of these programs. The non-IU program procedures are outlined on website for the Office of Overseas Study.

  • Summer Intensive Arabic Language Studies through SIT in Amman, Jordan
  • Summer Water and Environmental Policy in the Middle East through SIT in Amman, Jordan
  • Summer Intensive Arabic Language Studies through AUB in Lebanon
  • Summer Arabic at University of Virginia's program in Irbid, Jordan
  • Summer Arabic in Jordan with Arizona State University
  • CIEE programs in Amman, Jordan or Rabat, Morocco
  • IES in Rabat, Morocco
  • Economic Development, Energy, and Diversification in the Gulf through SIT in Oman

Domestic Programs
We also offer summer Arabic classes at IU-Bloomington—you can complete a full year of Arabic study (at either the Elementary or Intermediate level) in fourteen weeks! This may even be a great way to prepare yourself for a semester or year of studying abroad.
Below are some other ways to study Arabic while remaining in the United States:

Graduate Students

General Study Abroad Information, including financial aid

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