Indiana University Bloomington

Jonathon Crystal

Jonathon Crystal

Ph.D. Brown University, May 1997, Experimental Psychology
Sc.M. Brown University, May 1994, Experimental Psychology
B.Sc. University of Toronto, June 1992, Psychology

Research Interests

Dr. Crystal conducts research in animal cognition. The long-range goal is to understand how animals process events in time and remember these events in order to provide a theoretical framework for understanding disorders of memory. Dr. Crystal has a long-standing interest in studying mechanisms of temporal information processing - that is, our ability to make judgments about the passage of time. This research has focused on testing the hypothesis that timing is mediated by multiple, endogenous oscillators. More recently, Dr. Crystal's research has extended to the development of animal models of human cognition. This research has developed methods for assessing the content of memory in rats, using two complementary approaches. The first approach documented the content of episodic memory by assessing rats' knowledge about what, where, and when an event occurred in the past. The second approach evaluated the discrimination of a cognitive state (i.e., metacognition) in rats. The objective of this research is to develop animal models of memory disorders as in Alzheimer’s disease.  Current interests in the lab include transgenic mouse models of Alzheimer's disease and drug self-administration of cannabinoids. 

Representative Publications

Crystal, J.D. (in press).  Episodic-like memory in animals.  Behavioural Brain Research.

Zhou W. & Crystal, J.D. (2009).  Evidence for remembering when events occurred in a rodent model of episodic memory.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, 106, 9525-9529. 

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