Indiana University Bloomington

David M. Koceja

David M. Koceja

B.S., University of Wisconsin, 1981
M.S., Indiana University, 1983
Ph.D., Indiana University, 1989

Email address: koceja(at)

Research Interests

Dr. Koceja uses electromyographical, conditioning and H-reflex stimulation techniques to study the neuromuscular control of human movement. Using a variety of protocols, he assesses the plasticity or adaptability of the human segmental reflex system through training. Focus is given on functional tasks and on the postural muscles of the lower limb. Current experiments are investigating the corrective responses in young and old adults to postural perturbations, and the ability to train these responses. Spinal mechanisms responsible for mediating these changes are being investigated.

Representative Publications

Hoffman, M. and Koceja, D. M. (1997). Dynamic balance testing with an electrically-evoked perturbation: A test of reliability. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 78, 290-293.

Angulo-Kinzler, R., Mynark, R. M., and Koceja, D. M. (1998). Soleus H-reflex modulation in young and elderly subjects: modulation due to body position. Journal of Gerontology, 53, N120-M125.

Masaaki, T. and Koceja, D. M. (1999). Conditioned patellar tendon-tap reflexes in patients with anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. International Journal of Sports Medicine, 20, 263-266.

Koceja, D.M., Allway, D., and Earles, D.R. (1999). Age differences in postural sway during a volitional head movement. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 80, 1537-1541.

Koceja, D.M. and Mynark, R.G. (2000). Comparison of heteronymous Ia facilitation in young and elderly subjects from supine to standing. International Journal of Neuroscience, 103, 1-17.

Earles, D.R., Shively, C., and Koceja, D.M. (2000). Environmental changes in the soleus H-reflex in young and elderly subjects. International Journal of Neuroscience, 105, 1-13.

Mynark, R.G. and Koceja, D.M. Effects of age on the spinal stretch reflex. International Journal of Applied Biomechanics, in press.

Earles, D.R., Vardaxis, V., and Koceja, D.M. Modulatory differences in presynaptic inhibition between young and elderly subjects. Clinical Neurophysiology, in press.