Indiana University Bloomington

Jonathan W. Mills

Jonathan W. Mills

B.A., Western Michigan University, 1973
Ph.D., Arizona State University, 1988

Email address: jwmills(at)

Research Interests

Dr. Mills' research interest is in computational neuroscience: modelling neural systems using techniques from computational fluid dynamics. Accurate models are needed to interactively visualize and animate cellular functions. This research uses state-of-the-art parallel computers and graphics workstations that Indiana University has acquired to support related research in computational chemistry and scientific computing. Long-term goals are to develop new methods of computing based on cortical models, to implement neural computers based on his research into continuous-valued VLSI (very large-scale integrated) circuits, and to contribute to the theory of analog computing.

Representative Publications

Mills, J. (1993). A continuous-valued computational sensor for a small hexapod robot. 23rd International Symposium on Multiple-valued Logic, Sacramento, California. May 27-39, 1993 (invited).

Mills, J. (1992). Area-efficient implication circuits for very dense Lukasiewicz logic arrays. 22nd International Symposium on Multiple-value Logic, Sendai, Japan.

Mills, J., Beavers, M. G. & Daffinger, C. (1990). Lukasiewicz logic arrays. Proceedings 20th International Symposium on Multiple-value Logic, 4-10.