Indiana University Bloomington

Thomas W. James

Thomas W. James

B.S., University of Western Ontario, 1992
M.S., University of Western Ontario, 1996
Ph.D., University of Western Ontario, 2001
Postdoctoral Fellow, Vanderbilt University, 2001-2004

Email address: thwjames(at)

Research Interests

The Perception and Neuroimaging laboratory studies the neural mechanisms of perceptual decision making.

One focus is the basic neural mechanisms of object recognition. A greater understanding of the perceptual mechanisms underlying object recognition provides a foundation on which to study higher-level cognitive mechanisms. The PANLab also studies the influence of conceptual knowledge on decision making and the influence of perceptual factors on the planning and execution of environmentally appropriate actions. All of the research is conceived in a framework that stresses four premises. First, sensory systems do not function in isolation, but converge at relatively low levels of perceptual processing.

Second, the processes involved in transforming sensory information for perceptual decision making are different from the processes involved in transforming sensory information for the execution of actions. Thus, processes involved in perception will be instantiated in distinct neural networks from processes involved in action.

Third, sensory, decision-making, and action-planning processes are all under the influence of conceptual knowledge.

Fourth, all of these processes are shaped by learning and reward mechanisms.

Representative Publications

James, T.W., Huh, E., & Kim, S. (2010). Temporal and spatial integration of face, object, and scene features in occipito-temporal cortex. Brain and Cognition, 74, 112-122.

James, T.W., & Kim, S. (2010). Dorsal and ventral cortical pathways for visuo-haptic shape integration revealed using fMRI. In: M.J. Naumer & J. Kaiser (Eds.), Multisensory object perception in the primate brain. New York: Springer.

Stevenson, R.A., Altieri, N.A., Kim, S., Pisoni, D.B., James, T.W. (2010). Neural processing of asynchronous audiovisual speech perception. NeuroImage, 49, 3308-3318.

Rupp, H.A., James, T.W., Ketterson, E.D., Sengelaub, D.R., Janssen, E., & Heiman, J.R. (2009). The role of the anterior cingulate cortex in women's sexual decision making. Neuroscience Letters, 449, 42-47.

James, T.W., Stevenson, R.A., & Kim, S. (in press). Inverse effectiveness in multisensory processing. In: B. Stein (Ed.), The new handbook of multisensory processes.