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Indiana University

New Academic Directions


The New Academic Directions committee will work to answer the following questions.

  • Is IU offering the kinds of degrees and educational opportunities that one would expect of a university that aspires to be one of the finest universities of the 21st century?
  • Do the structure and organization of the academic units at IU allow the productivity of its faculty to be maximized in fulfilling the university’s educational, research, and clinical mission?
  • Are there areas in which our national and international peers have already successfully established new schools or other academic units in which IU should also be considering similar developments? Are there other areas in which IU is uniquely positioned to establish new schools or units?
  • Are there programs that have fallen by the wayside and need to be radically reoriented or even discontinued?
  • Should some of our present schools and other academic units be transformed through mergers or restructuring in ways that allow them to be more efficient and to take full advantage of important national and international educational trends?
  • How can IU support the fullest development of multidisciplinary activities between academic units?
  • In pursuing its academic mission, is IU responding to and taking full advantage of, the opportunities and challenges posed by the pervasive impact of information technology and globalization?

Some of these issues will be relevant to a single campus. Others—such as the potential establishment of new core schools—could have an impact on the whole university.

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