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PHSL-P 215 Basic Human Physiology w/ Lab (5 cr.)
Fall, Spring, and Summer.  Recommend completion of ANAT-A215, an introductory chemistry course, and demonstrate proficiency in elementary algebra prior to enrollment. Functional aspects of cells, tissues, organs, and systems in mammalian organisms.  Designed for pre-professional students in allied health, nursing, speech and hearing, and HPER

BIOL-L 345 Vertebrate Biology (3 cr.)
Spring alternate years (even numbered). Prerequisites: BIOL-L 105 or equivalent. This course provides a general overview of the biology of vertebrate animals including aspects of their evolutionary history, taxonomy, anatomy, physiology, ecology, behavior, and natural history.

BIOL-L 367 Cell Physiology (3 cr.)
Fall alternate years (even-numbered).  Prerequisites: an introductory biology and general chemistry course.  Recommended:  organic chemistry.  Introduction to biochemical structure and metabolic activities of plant, animal and microbial cells; physiology of membranes; locomotion and response; growth, division and differentiation of cells.

BIOL-L 391 Natural History of Dinosaurs (3 cr.)
New for Spring 2011.  P: BIOL-105.  R: GEOL-G 100.  An examination of the evolution, ecology, and life history of dinosaurs and other Mesozoic organisms.  Topics will include the history and development of dinosaur paleontology, the taxonomy and evolutionary diversification of dinosaurs, evolutionary relationships of dinosaurs to other vertebrates, and Mesozoic extinction events.

PHSL-P 416 Comparative Animal Physiology (3 cr.)
Fall alternate years (odd-numbered).  Prerequisites: C106, two college biology courses, and one college mathematics course.  Physiological principles of respiratory, circulatory, excretory and related systems in a variety of invertebrate and vertebrate animals.

BIOL-L 490 Individual Study (credits arranged, 12 cr. max)
Arranged, available fall, spring, summer.  Prerequisites: overall GPA of 2.5; must have written consent of faculty member supervising research.  Research in ecological physiology. Must complete a written assignment as evidence of each semester's work, and must present oral presentation to complete more than 6 credit hours.