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David Dzubay, Director/Conductor

May 29, National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico City
Celebrating the opening of IU's Gateway Center in Mexico City
Gabriela Ortiz, Francisco Cortes Alvarez, Felipe Tovar-Henao, Christopher LaRosa, composers
Zachary Coates, baritone

2018-19 Concerts & Guests:


Sept. 27
Society of Composers, Inc.
National Student Conference
Kyle Rotolo, Dean's Prize commission

Oct. 25 "Halloween Concert"
Robert Paterson, alumnus guest composer

Nov. 29 
Don Freund, guest director & composer
Romeo & Juliet

Jan. 31 
Andrew Norman, Five Friends guest composer
Matthew Recio, Georgina Joshi Award commission

Feb. 28 
Jeffrey Mumford, Five Friends guest composer
Winston Choi, piano

Apr. 19 IU Arts & Humanities "Mexico Remixed"
Gabriela Ortiz, guest composer
Carlos Sanchez-Gutierrez, guest composer



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