About the Project:

Advisory Committee A distinguished board serves as advisors to this project. Find out who the members are and the organizations they represent. We would like to thank these individuals for the time and talents they bring to our project.

Staff A project as large and complex as the Indiana Nonprofit Sector Project could not be undertaken without the work of many dedicated individuals. We list here members of the project staff.

Funding Sources The project is made possible through grants and in-kind support from various institutions and agencies. We list here those which are supporting this project.

Project Synopsis The project synopsis provides a detailed overview of the research focus and desired outcomes for this project.

Research Focus The nonprofit sector encompasses a wide range of organizations - from churches, social service agencies, museums, and advocacy organizations, to social clubs and other mutual benefit associations. Under "research focus" we describe how we define nonprofit organization for purposes of this project, provide a brief overview of the nonprofit sector in the U.S., and also identify the Indiana communities we examine in greater detail.

Research Design To gain an in-depth understanding of the Indiana Nonprofit sector, a complex data collection system was needed. In the research design, the data collection process is outlined. The construction of the database is just the first phase in this four phase project. The remaining three phases are also described in the design of this project.