Community Profiles

Community profiles have been created for various areas across the state of Indiana. Please click on a link below to view more information about the various regions.

Featured Communities
In this section, we seek to examine how the scope, structure and linkages of the community’s nonprofit sector relate to community social, political, economic, and cultural characteristics. Seven metropolitan areas were examined, as were several non-metro counties across the state for comparison. This section includes the most comprehensive of our local analyses.

Selected Economic Growth Regions
Indiana is divided into 11 Economic Growth Regions (EGRs). Though certain patterns hold true for most regions, there is a considerable amount of variation in nonprofit employment, wages, and growth among the 11 different regions.

Selected Metropolitan Statistical Areas
Four-fifths (80 percent) of all nonprofit employment in Indiana is found in 14 metropolitan regions, though the nonprofit sector’s share of total employment varies across metropolitan areas and industries.

Selected Counties
The Indiana Nonprofits: Scope and Community Dimensions project has released a series of short county reports profiling paid nonprofit employment in Indiana counties with a population of 50,000 or more. These reports document the important – and growing – contributions of nonprofits to local economies and local service systems. The analyses will inform discussions about the impact of federal and state budget decisions on the nonprofit sector’s capacity to continue to deliver key services in local communities and about the sector’s ability to continue to buffer local economies against the persistent recession