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Indiana Nonprofits

Scope and Community Dimensions
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Personal Affiliation Survey Analysis

These pages are currently under construction. Here you will find a listing of articles and reports. Actual abstracts and links to papers coming soon!

We completed a telephone survey of 526 Indiana residents in May 2001, using random digit-dialing sampling techniques, in order to evaluate the utility of an alternative approach to sampling Indiana nonprofits (as compared to drawing a sample from a comprehensive nonprofit database).

Published Articles and Conference Papers

"Performing Different Types of Volunteer Work: The Role of Religious and Other Networks" by Kirsten Grønbjerg and Brent Never. Nonprofit Management and Leadership 15 (Winter, No. 2). Revised version of paper presented at the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion. Salt Lake City, October 31-November 2, 2002.

"Individual Engagement with Nonprofits: Explaining Participation in Association Meetings and Events" by Kirsten Grønbjerg. Paper presented at the ARNOVA Meetings, Montreal, Canada, November 14-16, 2002.

"Volunteering for Nonprofits: The Role of Religious Engagement" by Kirsten Grønbjerg and Brent Never. Paper presented at the Association for the Study of Religion. Chicago, August 14-16, 2002.