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Indiana Nonprofits

Scope and Community Dimensions
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Survey Results

Nonprofit Capacity Assessment

This effort is designed to develop a better understanding of capacity building and technical assistance needs among Indiana nonprofits. Phase I was completed in May 2007 at the request of the Indiana Grantmakers Alliance (IGA) in collaboration with Lumina Foundation for Education (LFE), this survey asked the 91 responding charities to identify their most significant needs in each of seven broad areas of capacity building area and the best ways to address them. Phase II was completed in June 2010 and surveyed 385 Indiana arts and culture organizations at the request of the Indiana Arts Commission.

2002 Indiana Nonprofit Survey

This survey of 2,206 Indiana nonprofits was completed in the spring and early summer of 2002 with a response rate of 29 percent using a stratified random sample drawn from our comprehensive Indiana nonprofit database. It covered congregations, other charities, advocacy nonprofits, and mutual benefit associations.

Nonprofit Trust Survey Analysis

We completed a telephone survey of 536 Indiana residents in October 2008, using random digit-dialing sampling techniques, to assess the extent to which the state's residents trust nonprofits, business and corporations, and the local, state, and federal government.