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Research Results

Paper Abstracts
Abstracts and summaries of online reports, publications, and academic papers from the Indiana Nonprofit Sector Project. Topics include the characteristics and challenges of Indiana nonprofits, nonprofit employment, volunteering and individual engagement with nonprofits, and analysis of nonprofit databases and community variations in the density of nonprofits. See our list of project publications.

Indiana Nonprofit Employment
Our ongoing analysis of Indiana nonprofit employment is a joint effort by the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy, the School of Public and Environmental Affairs, and the Indiana Business Research Center at Indiana University to document the significant role of Indiana nonprofits in the state's economy by providing detailed information on the size, composition, and distribution of paid employment in the private nonprofit sector in Indiana.

Indiana Nonprofit Surveys
All publicly available sources of information about nonprofit organizations exclude large segments of the nonprofit sector and contain very limited information. We have therefore developed several major surveys to provide important benchmark information about the Indiana nonprofit sector and allow for a more indepth understanding of the important contributions Indiana nonprofits make to the state and local communities.

Special Topics Surveys
We have conducted three surveys of Indiana residents. Most recently we have examined the relaitonship between local government officials and nonprofits (March 2013). We have also examined the extent to which residents trust nonprofits more or less than other key institutions (October 2008). Several years ago we examined their personal affiliation with nonprofits (May 2001). The results and key findings of the surveys are posted here.

Nonprofit Composition
See our IRS Exempt Status Initiative report - an analysis of Indiana nonprofits that have had their tax-exempt status revoked by the IRS because of noncompliance with the Pension Projection Act of 2006. Also, view GIS maps of Indiana nonprofit organizations by type, NTEE category and total count of the organizations. Each link connects to maps by raw count and density.

Comprehensive Searchable Nonprofit Database
We have updated our comprehensive, searchable database of Indiana nonprofits using listings available from the Internal Revenue Service (tax exempt entities with Indiana reporting addresses), the Indiana Secretary of State (entities incorporated as nonprofits in the state of Indiana), and the yellow pages (religious congregations in Indiana).