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Recycling E-Waste

IU holds an annual e-waste collection event in early to mid April.  Students, staff, faculty, and the general public are all invited to attend this event.  Most types of household electronic waste can be brought to this event and recycled free of charge.  Apple sponsors the event.  For more information on recycling electronic waste, please visit

If you have a more urgent need for disposal you have the following options:

IU Surplus Stores
IU Surplus Stores will pick up e-waste from the IUB campus at no charge. Please click the link above to complete a pick up request, or contact IU Surplus Stores by phone at 855-2475 or by email at

Monroe County Solid Waste District

     MCSWD will recycle most items free of charge but may charge a small fee ($1 per item) for some things.  Please click on the link above to review the list of materials accepted by this facility to learn more.

Best Buy

     Your local Best Buy will accept most electronics free of charge (with a few restrictions). The Bloomington Best Buy is located at 2721 East Third Street. Please click on the link above to review the list of accepted electronics and to learn more about this program.

Goodwill Industries

     Goodwill Industries also will accept most e-waste items free of charge.  Goodwill has two locations in Bloomington.  One is at 840 S. Automall Rd. and the other is at 1284 S. Liberty Drive.  Other household items may also be donated to your local Goodwill.