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Recycling Paper and Cardboard

Make sure that all paper products are clean and dry prior to recycling.  It does not matter if paper is stillstapled.  Place office paper, mixed paper and newsprint in any paper recycling bin on campus.

Cardboard should be recycled separately from paper.  Please break down and place next to paper recycling bin if no cardboard bin is available.
The following can be recycled...
- Office paper
- Magazines and catalogs
- Newspapers
- Junk mail
- Envelopes (including window envelopes)
- Paperboard (cereal boxes)
- Paper bags
- Phone books
- Index cards
- Notebook paper
- Brochures
- Manila file folders

The following cannot be recycled...
- Paper with food on it
- Paper cups
- Paper towels, napkins, or tissues
- Laminated paper
- Stickers
- Hardcover books
- Waxed boxes