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Recycling Plastic, Aluminum, Other Metals and Glass

Please ensure that before plastic, glass and metal items are placed in bins that they are cleaned out and the lids to bottles have been removed. Because the machinery used in recycling centers sorts plastics using weight, all should be emptied and free of liquids prior to being placed in a bin.
In the past, glass could only be recycled in IUB residence halls and dining areas, but glass is now accepted in academic areas as well. Plastic bags can now be recycled in any plastic recycling bin.
The following can be recycled at IUB...
- Tin cans
- Steel cans
- Aluminum cans
- Glass bottles
- Plastics with a recycling symbol:Plastics Icon1 – soft drink and water bottles, peanut butter and saladdressing containers and frozen-ready meal packages
2 – milk, water and juice containers, and liquid detergent bottles
3 – food trays, mineral water and shampoo bottles
4 – six pack soda can rings, squeezable condiment bottles
5 – ketchup bottles yogurt containers and margarine tubs, medicine bottles, microwavable meal trays
6 – compact disc jackets, aspirin bottles, plastic cutlery
7 – other plastics
The following cannot be recycled at IUB...
- Plastics without a recycling symbol (some Styrofoam and plastic cutlery)
- Juice boxes