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Waste Reduction Initiatives on Campus

There are a number of initiatives and events on campus aimed at reducing waste or increasing recycling rates.  Attaining the goal of producing zero waste on campus will require a sustained effort from the entire campus community.  Many of these events are also recruiting volunteers to help with efforts and would welcome anyone willing to help.  Feel free to browse the events and send any questions or event ideas to

No Waste Week

IUB hosted the first annual No Waste Week May 5-14, 2011 during student move-out. No Waste Week includes ten days of events focused on recycling what can no longer be used, reusing what can, and working to reduce overall consumption.  Students, faculty, staff and community members are encouraged to donate reusable items, recycle unusable items, participate and/or volunteer.

Events vary each year, but 2011 volunteer opportunities included: sorting and transporting reusable items for the Hoosier to Hoosier Community Sale, Electronic Waste Collection Days, and a stream clean-up.

For more information, please visit:
For the 2011 press release, please see

Greening Cream and Crimson

A well-executed sporting event utilizes a series of well-coordinated systems for transportation, administration, lighting, building efficiency, food procurement, and waste management. Thus, the “Greening IU Athletics” project has been a synergy between assessing the current practices within IU Athletics and implementing incremental changes - many of which are pilot tested and then re-assessed - to advance the department’s green practices.

The support and acceptance of the initiative by the student body, the Bloomington community, and fans of Indiana University is, and will continue to be, paramount to the future success of Greening Cream & Crimson (GCC).

GCC is currently recruiting volunteers to assist with game-day recycling efforts, bicycle valet parking, sustainability-related educational campaigns, and in engaging game-day fans. To learn more about GCC, email the initiative at

Greening Cream and Crimson is also on Facebook and Twitter!


Hoosier to Hoosier (H2H) 


Hoosier to Hoosier (H2H) is a reuse program that aims to 1) to divert reusable items generated during the student move-out from the landfill,

2) to prevent additional resource consumption by selling collected items to students and community members in order to 3) raise funds for local charities and other organizations. The program allows students to donate reusable items while also

helping out their neighbors.

Aside from a small percentage that will be set aside for administrative costs associated with the next H2H, all proceeds from the sale will benefit United Way and Habitat for Humanity of Monroe County.

Hoosier to Hoosier is a partnership between the United Way of Monroe County, Habitat for Humanity of Monroe County, the City of Bloomington, IU Athletics, the IU Office of Sustainability, and IU Residential Programs and Services.


For more information about this event and to inquire about volunteer opportunities please visit:


Eco Cell

In Spring of 2010, IU entered into a cell phone recycling partnership with ECO CELL, a company based out of Louisville, Kentucky.  Eco Cell abides by a strict no landfill policy and refurbishes most phones for donation to local hospitals for those in need.  Eco Cell also collects cell phone accessories.  Drop off locations for cell phones will be located in the Indiana Memorial Union.  Please remember to delete your personal information from your phone prior to recycling as ECO CELL and Indiana University are not responsible for any information left on phones.

To learn more about the dangers associated with improper disposal of cell phones and this program, please visit Eco Cell.





Recycle Mania Logo

Since the spring of 2010, IU has been a competitive participant in RecycleMania.  RecycleMania is an annual ten-week contest among over 600 colleges and universities nationwide to lower waste and increase recycling on campus.  The most significant goals of the competition include increasing recycling participation among students and staff, lowering waste generation on campus and raising awareness of campus recycling efforts.  RecycleMania has had a positive impact on waste reduction colleges and universities nationwide since its inception in 2001.  Annual participation in RecycleMania is becoming an IU tradition.

Please visit the RecycleMania! web page to learn more, view standings and see past winners.

For more information, contact IUB RecycleMania Coordinator and IU recycling guru, Steve Akers, at

Of active RecycleMania participants from the Big Ten conference, IU finished first in waste minimization in RecycleMania 2011! 

E-Waste Annual Event

ewasteAccording to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Office of Solid Waste, in 2007 only 18 percent of electronic products that had reached the end of their life cycle were recycled (Electronics Waste Management in the United States, 2008).  With the onslaught of the technology boom in the 20th century, more electronic waste (e-waste) is in existence than ever before. 

The Indiana University Office of Sustainability recognized the severity of the e-waste problem and took action by sponsoring the first ever community Electronic Waste Collection Days event in the spring of 2009, during which more than 832,000 pounds of e-waste was collected in Bloomington and Indianapolis.  In the spring of 2010, the success of the first E-Waste collection day was repeated, netting approximately 350,000 pounds of e-waste at the Bloomington Electronic Waste Collection Days and 250,000 pounds at the IU South Bend Tough Stuff Recycling Fest.

None of the electronics will be processed for resale.  Everything that could potentially contain sensitive data, such as cell phones or computers, will be shredded.  One hundred percent of the equipment dropped off will be recycled and kept out of landfills.  Recycling services are provided by Apple.

For a list of acceptable items and to learn more about this event, please visit


More Art Less Trash

Every spring, the Volunteers in Sustainability host the annual “More Art, Less Trash” contest.  The contest solicits from IU students designs for outdoor recycling bins on campus.  The top ten designs are then selected and painted on outdoor trash bins by the winners.  The bins are then placed strategically on campus for a limited time.  The event increases recycling rates on campus and raises awareness of IU’s recycling program.

Based on knowledge of high need areas gained from this program and others, IUB installed the first phase of permanent outdoor recycling bins on campus during the spring and fall of 2011. Look for permanent outdoor recycling bins at the Union Street Center and placed throughout central campus. As funding allows, the next phases of outdoor recycling bin installation will include sites at campus bus stops and parking lots.

Click here to learn more about how you can get involved in the competition

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