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Indiana University


Waste Reduction Tips

The following list contains some tips on how one can reduce the amount of waste they generate on campus.  While the amount of waste generated on campus is a collective problem, there is much we can do as individuals to reduce our own generation of waste. 

1.   Carry a reusable bottle of water instead of buying bottled water.

2.   Purchase products made from recycled materials.

3.   Purchase food with limited packaging.  Much of the waste generated by individuals on campus comes from food packaging.

4.   Recycle all possible materials.  Please see guide for materials that can be recycled on campus.

5.   Print only what you need and when you do print, please print double sided.

6.   Read as many documents as possible on a computer.

7.   Instead of throwing away unwanted items, donate them to local charities.

8.   Reuse as many products as you can, including cardboard boxes, paper bags, and plastic bags.

9.   Use your own cloth bags instead of paper or plastic.

10. Please take only what you need in the dining halls.  This includes food, napkins, and condiments.