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Indiana University


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I recycle envelopes with the plastic windows?

Yes, these types of envelopes can be recycled with mixed paper.

2. Can I recycle paper that has been stapled together or do I need to remove the staples first?

Stapled paper can be recycled without removing staples. However, paper clips must be removed prior to recycling.

3. Is there a place on campus that I can recycle my old DVDs or CDs?

Currently, there is not a place on campus where used CDs and DVDs can be recycled. We are working on that and hope to have that option in the near future.

4. Where can I recycle my old computer or other electronic waste when there is not an E-Waste collection event in the near future?

Electronic waste can be brought to Goodwill, Best Buy or the Monroe County Municipal Solid Waste District anytime throughout the year. Most items can be recycled for no charge.

5. Can I recycle my cardboard box? If so, how?

Yes, you can recycle cardboard boxes on campus. Please break down the box and place it next to any recycling bin.

6. Are there outdoor recycling bins on campus?

No, Indiana University does not currently offer outdoor recycling.

7. Can I recycle glass on campus?

Glass can be recycled in the residence halls and dining centers on campus. Most other locations do not recycle glass. Please do not throw your glass recycle in the white bins behind buildings.

8. Can I recycle plastic bags on campus?

Yes, plastic bags can now be recycled on campus. Please place clean plastic bags in any of the plastic recycling bins on campus.

9. Do I need to remove lids from drink containers prior to recycling?

No, lids do not need to be removed. However, containers must be emptied of any liquids. The machinery used to sort recycling uses weights to sort plastic bottles. Liquid left in the bottles will disturb this operation.

10. What happens if there is trash in the recycling bin?

Trash in the recycling bin can contaminate the recycled material. If there is enough trash, the recycled material will have to be discarded as trash. Please do not throw any trash into recycling bins.