The RBRC Workshop on P- and CP-Odd Effects in Hot and Dense Matter (2012)

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List of Talks

June 25 Monday

E. Shuryak "Can the Standard Model explain the cosmological baryon asymmetry?"
T. Vachaspati "Sphalerons, turbulence, and magnetic fields"
K. Fukushima "Photons in the Chiral Magnetic Effect"
Y. Burnier "Anomaly induced charge dependence of the elliptic flow in heavy ion collisions"
G. Wang "Search for effects related to Chiral Magnetic Wave at STAR"
S. Esumi "Charge asymmetric correlation measurement in 200GeV Au+Au collisions at RHICİ\PHENIX"
K. Riley "Charge dependent azimuthal correlations of K-PI pairs"
P. Christakoglou "Charge dependent azimuthal correlations with the ALICE detector at the LHC"
D. Velicanu "Diİ\hadron correlations measurements from CMS"
M. Polikarpov "Numerical study of the monolayer graphene phase diagram"
V. Miransky "Magnetic catalysis and quantum Hall effect in monolayer and bilayer graphene"

June 26 Tuesday

J. Erdmenger "Holographic hydrodynamics with broken rotational symmetry"
A. Yarom "Hydrodynamics without an entropy current"
O. Ruchayskiy "Chiral anomaly and magnetic fields in the Standard Model plasma"
I. Kirsch "Anisotropic hydrodynamics, holography and the Chiral Magnetic Effect"
R. Loganayagam "Anomalies and the helicity of the thermal state"
P. Surowka "Towards kinetic theory with anomalies"
A. Zhitnitsky "P-odd fluctuations and long range order in heavy ion collisions and cosmology"
H.-C. Ren "Some field theoretic issues regarding the Chiral Magnetic Effect"
G. Ma "AMPT results on charge azimuthal correlations at RHIC and LHC"
A. Vossen "Prospects of Detecting local Pİ\odd effects at Belle"
V. Incera "Spirals of chiral and spin density waves in dense QCD in a magnetic field"
T. Kojo "Interweaving chiral spirals"

June 27 Wednesday

M. Stephanov "Chiral kinetic theory"
M. Chernodub "Spontaneous electromagnetic superconductivity of QCDxQED vacuum in strong magnetic field"
M. D´Elia "Topological effects and the deconfinement transition"
I. Shovkovy "Chiral shift in renormalizable theories in magnetic field"
A. Andrianov "P breaking effects in a quark (nuclear) medium with axial charge"
D. Espriu "Dilepton excess from local parity breaking in baryon matter"
B. Mueller "Strong interaction effects of strong magnetic fields"
G. Basar "Instantons and sphalerons in magnetic field"
A. Schmitt "Inverse magnetic catalysis"
Y. Qian "P-odd effects through QCD instantons"
T. Sulejmanpasic "Chiral symmetry breaking at finite T, and the dyonic vacuum in QCD like theories"