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Oral Presentations: Technical Issues


We will provide the following for each session:

  • PC laptop with mouse and speakers (software installed includes: Ppt, Word doc. and docx, and Adobe reader for pdf files).
  • Spare flash drive for transferring files.
  • An internet-connected computer at the registration desk for file down load from a remote location (This computer should be considered “emergency only” as in the case of a lost file.  We don’t want a bottleneck to cause an interruption to the flow of the sessions).

*Remote controls are not provided.  If you wish to use a remote we recommend you try it out before your session.


There will be no wireless connection in the presentation rooms. We cannot guarantee uninterrupted wireless connection in the session rooms and therefore strongly advise against planning to use a web version of your presentation, either stored in the “cloud” or a Prezi presentation (unless you have downloaded the presentation to a flash drive).  This “wirelessness” is to avoid a software update problems during a presentation.

If you must use a Mac you will need to bring your own adaptor for the projector.

We also recommend that you load your presentation onto the computer where your will be presenting during a session previous to yours. There will a folder on the desk top for each day’s presentations. Files named with the Authors last name and key words will make the localization of the file in the folder much easier to locate.

Any additional technology questions should be directed to Erik Willis at ewwillis at