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January 19, 2001

Making Grammy history
Historian Ron Cohen, who co-directs the Calumet Regional Archives on IU’s northernmost campus, will be waiting in the audience Feb. 21 to hear how The Best of Broadside 1962-1988, which he co-produced, does in the “best historical album” category at the 43rd annual Grammy awards ceremony. Cohen is a personal friend of nonagenarian Agnes “Sis” Cunningham, co-founder with partner Gordon Friesen of the journal Broadside, which helped define the American political and folk music movement begun in the 1940s. IU alumnus Joshua Bell also is a Grammy nominee.

Opening the cabinet to two IU grads
When Bush cabinet nominee Paul H. O’Neill was an IUB student in the 1960s, SPEA emeritus professor Lynton Caldwell wrote a glowing student evaluation that seemed to forecast O’Neill’s future: “There is no questions among faculty here regarding his ability to pursue advanced work with complete success.” Another Bush cabinet nominee, Roderick R. Paige, was interested in both the mechanics of movement and the mechanics of administration, recalls John Cooper, an emeritus HPER professor.

An E-textbook for art appreciation
Art historian Benjamin Withers of IU South Bend is one of 13 new Ameritech Fellows who will be applying information technology to teaching enhancement. Withers’ project will allow instructors to display recent developments in digital and Web art, along with short videos of performance artists, artists in their studios and demonstrations of artistic techniques. Students will take virtual tours of museums and “walk” through architectural splendors.

Journalism odyssey 2001

IU gives new meaning to thinking globally

Mathews to lecture on ‘Crucifixion-Faith’

Brent Staples at IPFW Feb 8

IUPUI among 16 campuses honored for innovation in undergrad education

Clinton appoints IU’s Glassie to National Council on the Humanities advisory post

Photo by Paul Martens
What becomes a legend most? Maybe a patina of snow, in this case atop the bronze sculpture of the legendary Herman B Wells. The statue is located in the Old Crescent of the IU Bloomington campus. The snow was evidence, too, of record cold climates throughout the Hoosier state and the nation, with the average temperature for the contiguous 48 states during November and December at 33.8 degrees, the coldest such stretch since 1895.

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Today's feature

Printmaking with potatoes or steamrollers or digital cameras
While painting and printmaking are both forms of visual expression, printmaking as a fine art is a very different medium, with both complications and simplicities that define its practice: a print is simply an indentation or mark on a surface left by the pressure of an object brought into contact with it. The practice of printmaking has evolved considerably over the last few decades to include non-traditional approaches such as collage, video and computer manipulated and generated images. Read about IU’s printmaking legacy and a new exhibit opening tomorrow at the IU Art Museum in Bloomington.

Printmaking: an art of discovery, experimentation and process

Thimme exhibition to open Jan. 20 at IU Art Museum

Pozatti a major force in establishing IUB printmaking program as standard of MFA programs

A reputation precedes them

Arts and Humanities grant proposal deadline March 1

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