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Faculty and staff milestones at IUB



10 years
Kathleen Abel, IU Health Center; James Gregg, Physical Plant-Building Services; and Beth Selke, School of Education.

15 years
Patricia Goodall, Office of the Dean of the Faculties/Academic Affairs; Marcia Landen, Research and the University Graduate School; Charles McClary, School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation (HPER); Mark Reynolds, Residential Programs and Services (RPS)-Central Custodial; Linda Sharp, Kelley School of Business; Janet Walls, HPER; Laminda Walls, HPER; and Sue Wood, Office of the Treasurer-Capital Financing and Tax Management.

20 years
JoAnn Brown, School of Continuing Studies-Systemwide Offices; Carol Bruce, RPS-Read Hall Dining Room; Mary Davis, Kelley School of Business; Douglas Grover, University Information Technology Services (UITS); Michael Hardesty, Motor Pool; Linda Harl, Department of Philosophy; John Hewetson, Physical Plant-Director’s Office; Ruth Hunt, RPS-Central Custodial; Barbara Kenealy, Risk Management; Thomas Marsh, Physical Plant Maintenance-Zone 5; and Rebecca Mullen, Office of Orientation Programs.

25 years
Michael Bell, Physical Plant-Painters; Michael Harris, Physical Plant-Asbestos; Jerry Morley, Physical Plant-HVAC; and Sandra Warren, Mathers Museum of World Cultures.

30 years
Michael Hosek, Department of Physics; Michael Stines, Department of Physics-IU Cyclotron Facility (IUCF); and Paula Trueblood, Kelley School of Business

35 years
Doris Deckard, University Division; Mary Hough, Office of Admissions; Harry Rushton, Physical Plant-Sheet Metal; and Connie Wampler, IU Alumni Association (IUAA)


Jody Hays, Office of Admissions; H. Robert Lezotte, Office of the Bursar; Carolyn Lipson-Walker, Jewish Studies Program; Annette McCarty, University Division; Sarah Nagy, RPS-Student Programs; Judi Roberts, Department of Chemistry; Mary Ann Rohleder, Office of Intercollegiate Athletics; and Lynda Yeskie, Office of Intercollegiate Athletics.

15 years
Judy Amick, RPS-Central Custodial; James Arvin, Physical Plant Maintenance-Zone 5; Alan Brandt, Physical Plant-Building Services; Michael Egolf, UITS; Dana Farless, Indiana Memorial Union; Karen Flanigan, Office of the Registrar; Mary Gormley, Journal of American History; Edmund Hall, Department of Physics-IUCF; Joan Hall, IUAA; Mark Luxnat, Department of Physics-IUCF; Susan Norris, IU Health Center; Jill Schunk, Purchasing; James Snyder, IU Police Department; Joy Stephens, Office of the Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer; Jill Taylor, Kelley School of Business; and Cindy Wilbur, RPS-Maintenance.

20 years
Larry Cook, RPS-Central Custodial; Connie Felton, Department of Chemistry; Cathy Fidler, Physical Plant-Campus; Jo Fitzgerald, Department of History; Debra Hammack, RPS-Central Custodial; Beth Hoffman, Office of the Treasurer-Capital Financing and Tax Management; Judith Kirk, Mathers Museum of World Cultures; and Susan Platt, RPS-Eigenmann International Market and Bakery.

25 years
Warren Bascom, Campus Bus Service; Jerry Bastin, IU Art Museum; Pamela Cook, IU Libraries; Patricia Hooten, Department of Biology; Audrey Morgan, Kelley School of Business; Marilyn Raines, Purchasing; Martha Prentice, Office of Publications; Robert Schurtter, University Printing Services; Maurice Smith, University Human Resource Services; and Bruce Williams, Physical Plant-Operations Center.

30 years
Alice Clarke, IUAA; Harold Mauro, Office of Intercollegiate Athletics.

40 years
J. Marc Mathis, Physical Plant-Utilities; and Larry Newton, Physical Plant-Utilities Maintenance Operations.



Donna Pavey, HPER, 22 years; and Wilma Southern, Office of Intercollegiate Athletics, 11 years.

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Publication date: January 31, 2003
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