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Conversations: A monthly audio stream featuring a guest to Indiana University or an IU faculty member whose research lends itself to topical discussion.

Viewpoint: IU President Myles Brand, chancellors from the IU campuses and other guest writers appear in this column in each bi-weekly edition. Viewpoint editorial policy: Viewpoint is open for opinions on topics and issues that affect IU campuses and their surrounding communities. To submit your idea for Viewpoint, contact 'IU Home Pages' editor Jayne Spencer by E-mail (, Fax (812-855-7984) or campus or U.S. Mail ('IU Home Pages,' 400 E. 7th St., Poplars 721, Bloomington, IN 47405).

Please summarize your column idea and the points you intend to make and develop into a 300-400 word column. Viewpoint is open to faculty, staff, students, parents or community members and is intended to express the opinions of individuals, not special interest groups. The 'IU Home Pages' Executive Board reserves the right to edit or reject any submitted copy.

Browser: Browse this column for a sampling of upcoming events emanating from the campuses of Indiana University.

Fact facts: Did you know that the Well House at IUB is shaped like a Beta Theta Pi fraternity pin; that the ivy covering the Kirkwood Observatory grew from a sprig brought back from Westminster Abbey; that the Bloomington campus maintains the "Fort Knox of fruit flys," that IU School of Medicine physiologist Wiltz Wagner has literally taken "pigs in space" aboard a NASA KC-135 (aka the Vomit Comet) to study theories of pulmonary blood flow; that Swingshift College, designed to meet the needs of shift workers, is located at IU Northwest? Check out this column each week and learn something about IU you didn't know before.

Knowledge transfer: In this new Home Pages on-line column, employees and supervisors are invited to send in comments about problems they have encountered in their own work environments and the solutions they have innovated. Will these solutions transfer to other campuses around the state? We hope so. And we'd also like to use this column to salute employee excellence. Send your E-mail kudos to an IU employee you know who has gone above and beyond the call of duty to:

Photographer's corner: A new on-line scrapbook of snapshots highlighting events or people on the campuses of Indiana University.

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