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March 1, 2002

Inaugural pow wow in Bloomington March 28-29
Most are unaware that there are 554 American Indian tribes in the U.S. and at least 40,000 Hoosiers of American Indian descent. Awareness, as well as remembrance and renewal, are some of the objectives of IU anthropologist Wesley Thomas, a Navajo, and the new First Nations of Indiana University organization, which are planning a pow wow later this month.

‘Sharing the Learning Space’
Join colleagues from member institutions around the state April 3 in Bloomington for an IHETS conference on online learning, featuring MERLOT's Edward Cooper.

Fostering the arts and humanities
IU has awarded 27 research grants to scholars and practitioners on five IU campuses through an initiative launched during the last academic year.

Kelley School to help establish MBA program in Croatia

Spring enrollments up university-wide

Gloriana! The arbutus is thriving

IU’s Morris to direct U.N. food program

The odyssey of the printmaker

Janus Ball will feature globes of many colors (for sale)

Photo by Paul Martens
IU anthropologist Wesley Thomas (at left), a Navajo, says the pow wow in Bloomington this month will be a pan-Indian event that is at once sacred and social, bringing cultural awareness to the general public and dispelling stereotypes that still exist regarding American Indians. There are 554 different American Indian tribes in the United States and 40,000 Hoosiers of American Indian descent. A second pow wow April 27-28, sponsored by the American Indian Council, is planned in Boone County. Read more.

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Today's feature

182nd Founders Day celebration Sunday
The IU community will reflect on its rich tradition and honor its legacy of teaching, research and service excellence this Sunday at 1 p.m. at Assembly Hall in Bloomington. Meet IU’s newest faculty award recipients, to be honored at the 182nd Founders Day festivities.

Distinguished Professor Paul Newman

Distinguished Professor Rudolf A. Raff

Distinguished Professor James C. Riley

Distinguished Professor Richard M. Shiffrin

President's Award, Paul D. Eisenberg

Sylvia E. Bowman Award, Robert V. Robinson

Thomas Ehrlich award for excellence in service learning, Joyce Splann Krothe

W. George Pinnell award for outstanding service, Brenda L. Lyon

W. George Pinnell award for outstanding service, Richard A. Haak

John W. Ryan award for distinguished contributions to international programs and studies, Evangelos Coufoudakis

John W. Ryan award for distinguished contributions to international programs and studies, John J. Patrick

Herman Frederic Lieber award, Richard B. Kohler

Frederic Bachman Lieber memorial award, Catherine Larson

Lieber memorial teaching associate award, Nina Bosch Namaste

Lieber memorial teaching associate award, Alena Amato Ruggerio

Lieber memorial teaching associate award, Chris H. Hokanson

Part-time teaching award, Maan Omran

Wilbert Hites mentoring award, Brenda E. Knowles

Women and history
Are men from Mars and women from Venus when it comes to communication techniques? Has the Internet become the great equalizer between the sexes, providing equal opportunity communication environments? The answers are yes and no. While some thought the Internet of the last two decades would be a “great civil libertarian experiment,” gender disparity in online contexts are very evident, says IU information scientist Susan Herring. Read about Herring’s research and other gender-related stories as a launch to the month of March, Women’s History Month.

He said, she said

March is Women’s History Month

IUSB International Women's Day

Hens that crowed in the 19th century

Thirty something (more or less)

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