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Photo by Paul Martens
Tiffany Crowe, an IU Bloomington sophomore from New Castle, got the chance to experience the life of an academic administrator from the very top of the chart March 5 when she became the winner of the IU Student Foundation's Switch Day scholarship fund-raiser. Crowe took the place of IU President Myles Brand and Brand partook of the life of an undergraduate. Before “switching,” the two enjoyed breakfast at Bryan House, the presidential residence.

Photo by Paul Martens
Ah, the paperwork! Crowe takes on the realities of executive life in Brand's Bryan Hall office.

Photo by Paul Martens
Meanwhile, Brand, a professor of philosophy by training, attended Crowe's philosophy class.

Photo by Paul Martens
Ah, the schedule of a student! Brand leaves Ballantine Hall on his way to an astronomy lecture.

Photo by Paul Martens
Crowe (center) confers with the IU Trustees in her Bryan Hall office. At left is Fred
Eichhorn, vice president of the trustees, and student trustee Sacha Willsey, originally from Switzerland and now a graduate student at the IU School of Public and Environmental Affairs. Crowe met with IU several vice presidents during the day and was given a tour of the new Theatre/Neal-Marshall Education Center.

Photo by Paul Martens
Meeting the press, Brand and Crowe discuss the events of the day. And March 6? Back to the real world.

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Publication date: March 29, 2002
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