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The accomplishments of a shared vision

By F.C. Richardson Chancellor of IU Southeast

In reviewing my previous “Viewpoint” columns for the IU Home Pages, I note various themes contained in each one.

My first “Viewpoint,” published in February 1997, carried the theme “connections.” Themes that followed in my later columns were “quality service,” “student success” and “academic excellence.”

Our Office of External Affairs has elected to focus our Home Pages insert this year on the activities of my six years at IU Southeast, in view of my stepping down as chancellor in June.

I want to share the attention with all of those who have contributed so much to our accomplishments at IU Southeast. Recent achievements were a team effort of people from the entire campus and people from the many communities that we serve.

I would like to again assign a theme to my “Viewpoint” column. It is a theme which encompasses the past, present and future at IU Southeast: “shared vision.”

Thanks to the shared vision—both internally and externally—we have been able to accomplish the following:

•  Raise more than $12.5 million in a three-year capital campaign.

•  Increase enrollment by more than 20 percent over the past six years and draw record number of students from Kentucky through the reciprocity program.

• Complete a $10.5 renovation and addition to the Life Sciences Building.

• Implement, with the support of all areas of the campus, a strategic planning process; and this has led to the establishment of the First Year Seminar program to improve student retention and graduation.

•  Plan for a new $16 million Library Building and a $5 million renovation of the current library into a comprehensive student services center.

• Award prestigious research grants and teaching awards to outstanding faculty.

• Establish programs to enhance student and community experiences in cultural and ethnic diversity.

• Improve athletic programs with plans for an expanded outdoor sports complex, thanks to the generosity of the Koetter family.

• Attract a record number of students to our graduate programs.

American poet Henry David Thoreau once said: “I would give all the wealth of the world and all the deeds of heroes for one true vision.”

Business writer C. Patrick Lewis has said: “Shared vision is the creative force that drives the never ending quest for success and greatness.”

My hope is that the shared vision we now have at IU Southeast will drive every generation to come to achieve the full potential of the campus—to be one of the best regional universities in America.

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Publication date: March 29, 2002
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