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August milestones at IUB
35 years

Martha Barnhill, Financial Management Systems; Brenda Crohn, Kelley School of Business; and Susan Pugh, Office of Student Financial Assistance.

30 years

Melvin Bell, Physical Plant; Robert Burks, Physical Plant; Anita Clark, Office of Student Financial Assistance; Donald Davis, Physical Plant; Frances Howard, Residential Programs and Services (RPS); Gary Peach, IU Press; and Joanne Werner, Physical Plant.

25 years

Cleta Bowman, Indiana Institute on Disability and Community; Melodee Charlesworth, RPS; Roger Crandall, Language and Computer Labs; John Crider, Physical Plant; Storme Day, Office of the Vice President for Academic Support and Diversity; Terry Ellett, Physical Plant; Toby Fidler, Physical Plant; Iretta Raines, Indiana Memorial Union (IMU); Susan Straub, School of Continuing Studies; Connie Vaughn, RPS; Terry Walls, Physical Plant; and Connie Wright, Department of Mathematics.

20 years

David Breeden, Physical Plant; Susan Fedynskyj, IU Health Center; Barbara Ficklin, IU Alumni Association; Jeffrey Kutche, RPS; Darla Myers, Division of Recreational Sports; Paula Phillips, RPS; Jerri Poorman, School of Continuing Studies; Gloria Reed, Office of the Vice President for Information Technology; Dana Ruddick, Research and University Graduate School; Baker Sammander, RPS; Melodee Shaw, RPS; Robert Stanton, Department of Theatre and Drama; Glenda Stowinsky, Physical Plant; and Kirk White, former director of Hoosiers for Higher Education, who is currently serving with the U.S. Army Reserve in Afghanistan.

15 years

Lisa Bell, Kelley School of Business; Robert Buczek, IU Bookstore and Service Centers; Susan Buzan, School of Music; Cheryl Crouch, Administrative Services and Programs; Christine Davis, Kelley School of Business; Karen Hallett, Instructional Support Services; Stephen Hancock, RPS; Randall Heisler, Department of Intercollegiate Athletics; Jeff Huber, Department of Intercollegiate Athletics; Michelle Knight, School of Informatics; Grover Linthicum, Physical Plant; Sandra Martin, Kelley School of Business; Marty McClure, Physical Plant; Karla Reynolds, TESOL and Applied Linguistics; Thomas Simmons, IMU; Sharon Smith, Instructional Support Services; Ruth Witmer, Indiana Daily Student; and Timothy Womock, Physical Plant.

10 years

Steven Bush, Physical Plant; Carla Cowden, School of Journalism; Maria Mastalerz, Indiana Geological Survey; Katherine Paulin, Kelley School of Business; John Pedersen, Division of Recreational Sports; and Bingjun Zheng, Department of Physics.