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Fall unfolds with football and follies
Learning to play fair on the field of competition, to build bridges and to keep a sinking ship afloat are perhaps the best life skills a university can convey to its students. HP photographer Chris Meyer recently captured this shot at a cardboard boat regatta, sponsored by the Council for Advancing Student Leadership.

Additional top stories

IU President Adam Herbert testified before a Senate committee this week about the problems international scholars and students have had in U.S. visa procurement since the Sept.11, 2001 domestic terrorist attacks. Former U.S. Rep. Lee Hamilton will reflect on the findings of the 9/11 Commission and his role as vice chair, at SPEA’s Neal-Marshall Public Policy Lecture Oct. 13.
IU Northwest is serving as a host for the national World Hunger Day teleconference Oct. 13 and SPEA faculty continue to "test the waters" of the Great Lakes—which account for 18 percent of the world's fresh water—and the broader implications of the transmission of airborne toxins.
IU serves as home base to more than 160 institutes and centers. In this inaugural column, HP associate managing editor Lee Ann Sandweiss takes a look at an IPFW center which has, as its main purpose, political motivation.
One IU alumna says IU Bloomington may be the most haunted campus in America. Folklorists will take advantage of that possibility in their upcoming ghost walks.

Today’s feature
Triumphs and transitions
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