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Photo by Chris Meyer
I lay aside grave themes, and idly turn
The leaves of Memory’s sketch-book, dreaming o’er
Old summer pictures of the quiet hills,
And human life, as quiet, at their feet.

—from "Among the Hills: Prelude,"
by John Greenleaf Whittier

Not since Breaking Away was shown at the IU Auditorium in April 1979 have regional film buffs been anticipating an evening at the movies. You’re invited to view Kinsey Nov. 13 at the IU Auditorium in Bloomington. Stars Liam Neeson (Alfred Kinsey) and Laura Linney (Clara Kinsey) are expected on campus, too.

A university-wide commitment to the American Democracy Project has sparked initiatives in civic engagement, a focus on a generation known as the "Millennials" and a fascination with the political.
A cellist’s memoir makes for some great fireside reading (and listening, too. Janos Starker’s new IU Press book comes with a performance CD that includes his only recording of the Strauss Sonata in F. Opus 6).
Up to 1 percent of the U.S. population--2.5 million people—have epilepsy, and 20 percent of those patients have the type of epilepsy that may benefit from surgery. Today in Indianapolis, former patients, physicians and staff gathered to celebrate the remarkable things that have occurred in one IUSM program.
SETI’s Janice Bishop will be the inaugural speaker in OWA’s Outstanding Women Scientists series next week. She’ll be talking about what we know about the planet Mars. IU’s David Bish is co-author of a research report in Nature that speculates on a chemical record of the history of water and mineral formation on the Red Planet.

Today’s feature

Photo by Chris Meyer
IUPUI is 'coming of age'
A record-breaking fund campaign, the new ICTC, plans for a new Campus Center and continuing pursuit of collaborative research projects is defining the Capitol City campus in remarkable ways.

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