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Photo by Chris Meyer
Heidi Gealt (left), director of the IU Art Museum, talks with Karen Herbert at Byran House in front of the restored painting by John Edward Bundy, View from Bay View.

Additional top stories

IUPUI’s Mary and Mark Grove E-mailed letters home as they chronicled their experiences at Taraz State University. Read, too, about IU Kokomo’s plans for International Education Week, Nov. 15-19, and about IU’s most recent Fulbright winners.
HP’s Chris Meyer photographs a few autumn rites of passage on the Bloomington campus, including the Hilltop Garden pumpkin launch and preparations for a Tudor Room Thanksgiving feast. And meet the new director of the IMU, back home again in Indiana.
Karen Herbert grew up the D.C. area, where institutions such as the National Gallery and the Corcoran Museum of Art were her "playgrounds." No wonder painters of the Hoosier Salon and the photography of Art Sinsabaugh have caught her attentions. In another focus on the arts, read about security at the IU Art Museum and the Hoosier state’s national ranking in arts-related businesses.
IU and Purdue are two of the nation's ten "Best Places to Work in Academia," according to an international survey of researchers.

Today’s feature

Happy birthday, IPFW
At 40, you’re in your prime!

Drummer Max Weinberg talks politics and rock ‘n’ roll with IU music historian Glenn Gass in this edition of IU Home Pages’ "Conversations online."