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Graphic by Becky Buher
"And now, let us believe in the new year that is given us—new, untouched, full of things that have never been."—Rainer Maria Rilke
The staff of IU Home Pages extends best wishes for the holiday season and invites you to return Jan. 14 for the first edition of 2005. Meantime, come home to our pages and shake the snowglobe to see landmarks from the eight campuses of Indiana University.

Additional top stories

The School of Medicine’s Mary Dankoski gives some advice on stress management; the Kelley School’s Tom Hustad explains the feeder system for "hot toys;" and IU Southeast’s Bernardo Carducci offers a shyness assessment quiz as well as coping skills for holiday open houses.
This is the last edition of IU Home Pages for 2004, but we’ll be building a list of event opportunities on the IU campuses related to the Jan. 17 commemoration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, an official university holiday, at this Web site.
Ray Bradbury’s titles have sizzled on library book shelves for many decades. He and his "great American imagination" are the subjects of a new book by two IUPUI English professors.
IU President Adam Herbert discusses plans for a $26 million grant from the Lilly Endowment.
John Krauss, director of the IU Center for Urban Policy and the Environment, wants to facilitate as much nonpartisan university research for Indiana’s decision makers as he possibly can. But sometimes, he says, a university’s best work can also be its best-kept secret.

Today’s feature

Photo by Chris Meyer

IU Auditorium employee Eugene Hopkins (far right) takes tickets as the public lines up in the lobby for the premiere of Kinsey.
Kudos for ‘Kinsey’
A Midwestern premiere takes place in Bloomington.

IU Bloomington campus and community members will commemorate the 56th anniversary of the signing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Friday, Dec. 10, with a march that begins at 5 p.m. at the Sample Gates and ends with a rally at the Monroe County Courthouse. Eleanor Roosevelt, a member of the U.N. Commission on Human Rights, considered the declaration one of her finest collaborative accomplishments.