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Graphic by Becky Buher
Happy holidays from IU Home Pages!

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IU President Adam Herbert has appointed Ken Gros Louis interim IUB chancellor and VP for academic affairs, and Vice President Charlie Nelms has been asked to assume additional responsibilities. The president also is scheduled to give Bloomington’s winter commencement address.
Kelley School of Business undergrads get to strategize with real-world players; often their rewards are a road map to employment.
The decision is pending with the Guinness Book of World Records, but the Hillel Center’s dreidel spin at IUB’s Alumni Hall Dec. 8 looks to be a miracle all its own: 713 dreidels spun simultaneously for 10 seconds, breaking the University of Maryland’s 2000 record. The dreidel is a toy used in a game during the Jewish observance of Hanukah, or the Festival of Lights.

Today’s feature
Wish you were here.
Three projects in historic preservation—a book of postcards from an era when every Hoosier town had a train depot; a digital archive of images that recalls the often stark "ordinariness" of the mid-20th century; and an interactive CD-ROM that brings to life the first half century of African-American cinematic art—are gifts for scholars as well as a wide range of armchair historians. To paraphrase IU historian Eric Sandweiss, in these projects--for just a moment--the past becomes impossibly present.