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Computer Distribution Program

The GAFTAS Program is administered through the Office of Academic Support and implemented through the Office of Mentoring Services and Leadership Development.

Indiana University Working Together on Behalf of Students

The GAFTAS program represents collaboration across many departments at Indiana University to provide technological support to students in the Groups Student Support Program, the OMSLD, the Hudson and Holland Scholars Program, and the IUB 21st Century Scholars Program.

As computers from the Student Technology Centers across campus are replaced, some of the machines are reconfigured by the College Information Technology Office, known on campus as CITO. CITO technicians make sure the computers are in good working condition and ready for distribution at the beginning of each Fall semester. Staff from Residential Programs and Services, University Instructional Technology Services, IU Stores, and the OMSLD work to distribute the computers and support students in getting connected to the vast technological resources offered by the University.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Eligible to Receive a GAFTAS Computer?

If you are a freshman participating in the Groups, Hudson and Holland Scholars, the IUB 21st Century Scholars Program, or the OMSLD, you must contact your program's Director to see if your program will certify your eligibility. If you are eligible to participate in the program, your name will be placed on a list for the distribution, and you will be notified of the days, times, and location for the distribution. If you need further information from your program, you can reach them at the following phone numbers:

Groups Student Support Program: (812) 855-0507

Hudson and Holland Scholars (812) 855-7853

IUB 21st Century Scholars (812) 856-1910

OMSLD (812) 855-3540

Can I Be on the List if I Am Not a Freshman?

Yes, but freshmen have priority. Distribution will be to freshmen only for the first two days of the distribution. In all cases, your Program Director will decide your eligibility to receive a computer through the Program.

How Will I Know When and Where the Distribution Will Take Place?

Notification letters will be sent to you from your Program informing you of your eligibility as well as the days, times, and location of the computer distribution. See the phone numbers listed above if you have need for any further clarification. Remember: It's always best to get all of your questions answered BEFORE the distribution dates as computers are distributed on a first come, first served basis and there are a limited number of machines for distribution each year.

I Bought a Computer from the GAFTAS Program Last Year, and It Quit Working. Can I Get a Replacement?

There are not enough computers to provide replacements for units that have quit working. There are no warrantees with the machines, and once the purchase is complete, all repairs are your responsibility. You will not be able to get a refund if the machine should break down.

If I need to Dispose of the Computer, What Should I Do?

Computers and monitors contain high amounts of heavy metals which make them a pollution concern. They have been banned by the Monroe County Landfill and must be recycled. Cost for recycling CPU's is $5.00 and monitors $10.00 or $15.00 depending on the size.

See the website for more details for local recycling in the Bloomington area.

How Can I Provide Feedback to the Program to Help it Continually Improve?

At the time you purchase a GAFTAS computer, a required part of the process will be to fill out a quick questionnaire. Your feedback and comments will help IU staff to continue the program and to know how to keep improving it from year to year. We look forward to hearing your thoughts.