About Mentoring

How Is Mentoring Proven to Be Beneficial to Students and Their Future?

Looking to professional journals, magazines, and popular print, one quickly notices several reoccurring themes about college students include:

What Has the IU Experience Been With Mentoring?

The Mentoring Services and Leadership Development is formed from two previously existing programs, The Faculty and Staff for Student Excellence (FASE) program and the Office for Strategic Mentoring. Within the histories of these two programs, much success with a variety of mentoring outreach programs has been achieved in direct benefit to Indiana University students and their futures. Some of these are listed below.

Personal, Social, and Cultural Development

At IU, the FASE and OSM Programs have assisted students from under-represented and/or under-served backgrounds to provide mentoring experience as both protégés and mentors. Through these two programs, students have:

Academic Development

The mentoring initiatives of both FASE and the OSM have directly supported student academic achievement and development through:

Leadership and Professional Development

Both the FASE and OSM Programs have implemented initiatives designed to assist students in realizing their full leadership and professional potential. Mentoring initiatives have supported this kind of development through:

How Will MSLD Programs Continue These Traditions?

In summary, both of the programs that have come together to form the Mentoring Services and Leadership Development have distinguished themselves by creating mentoring opportunities through which students were able to grow, learn, and mature through their living and learning experience at IU.

The vision, mission, and goal statement for the MSLD clearly states that mentoring initiatives and opportunities will be a part of the new program for the same reasons as noted above.

MSLD programs will provide unique contribution to the highest quality University efforts to create a stronger and more diverse campus community, will better prepare students for life and work in a diverse and global society, and will support a common future in enhanced achievement and success for all.