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In endeavoring to develop men of color by empowering them with the skills and knowledge needed to foster academic success; establish positive support networks; support the goal of graduation; and improve personal achievement through leadership opportunities; the organization has hereby established committees to govern the following concentration categories:

  1. Academic Support and Intellectual Development (ASID)

Academic Support and Intellectual Development assists with student retention and graduation efforts through the intentional planning of activities that promote sound practices and behaviors that encourage student growth and achievement.  

  1. Establish mentoring relationships with faculty and staff within Indiana University
  2. Coordinate academic workshops with established University resources
  3. Promote and sponsor activities that engage students in intellectual discourse
  1. Career Planning and Preparation (CAPP)

The Career Planning and Preparation committee aids students in developing techniques and methods that will help acquire knowledge and skills necessary to prepare for and secure employment after graduation.

  1. Establish contact with organizations such as INROADS to learn about internship and other employment opportunities
  2. Utilize IU Career Services for career training and preparation purposes
  3. Promote early involvement in workshops or career fairs
  1. Community Service and Development (CSAND)

The Community Service and Development committee will engage in activities that provide service learning opportunities for students, as well as encouraging involvement in programs that will help in servicing the needs of the community.

  1. Continue to expand upon high school outreach initiatives such as the Bloomington New Tech High School Mentoring Program
  2. Engage in at lease one community service project each semester
  3. Assist the Office of Mentoring Services and Leadership Development in its volunteer initiatives
  1. Social Engagement and Activities (SEA)

The Social Engagement and Activities committee shall endeavor to create activities that promote positive interactions within the University community and beyond. 

  1. Assist with the planning and coordination of the Men of Color Leadership Conference
  2. Work with (ASID) to promote and sponsor activities that engage students in intellectual interactions
  3. Seek collaborative efforts with other organizations within the campus and surrounding community


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