Outreach Programs

Outreach Programs

The MSLD is one of a variety of Indiana University efforts to provide the highest quality programming with the goal of creating a stronger and more diverse campus community, to better prepare students for life and work in a diverse and global society, and to support a common future founded in enhanced achievement and success for all.

MSLD programming takes what's called a 'developmental' approach, which means that we're working to create services and outreach programs that support students as they grow, learn, and mature through their living and learning experience at Indiana University.

Additionally, MSLD outreach efforts are comprehensive in that we are working to serve and support undergraduate students, with an emphasis on those from under-served and/or under-represented populations, from their first day on campus until the day they walk across the stage to receive their diploma.

The following four programs implement these ideas through a developmental and comprehensive approach that bring students, faculty, and staff together in initiatives that support personal, social, cultural, academic, leadership, and professional growth.

Peer Mentoring, Life Skills, and Leadership Development Program

The MSLD Academic Mentoring Coordinator along with a group of student Peer Mentors provide opportunity for students new to the campus to meet in small groups over the academic year. Through small group and individual contact, mentoring will provide students with:

In addition to the small groups, there are numerous opportunities for students to participate in monthly programming to encourage personal, social, cultural, leadership, and professional development. The Life Skills Series provides insight into such topics as personal well-being, diversity, study skills, and financial management. The Professional Development Series will provide students with helpful hints in areas such as resume development, internships, and networking.

Peer Mentors are trained, supported, and supervised through the efforts of the Academic Mentoring Coordinator and through monthly leadership development workshops.

Academic Advising Support Services

The MSLD provides support from an Academic Advisor who is prepared to assist students with a variety of issues relating to their academic success. The Advisor works closely with University Division personnel along with other campus and community organizations to ensure that students have access to the information, resources, and people they need to help them reach their goals and graduate well prepared for personal and professional success.

Hudson and Holland Scholars Mentoring Program

The Hudson and Holland Scholars Program and the MSLD are collaborating in the implementation of a peer mentoring outreach. More information coming soon.