Emerging Leaders Toastmasters Club

What is the Emerging Leaders Toastmasters Club?

Toastmasters Clubs help students to develop both their leadership and communication skills. It helps the participant to develop the confidence to speak in front of a variety of audiences, no matter how large or small. Toastmasters will teach you the essentials of how to hone your speaking abilities and provide you with a platform to practice without fear of negative criticism.
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Through Toastmasters, you will learn the delicate art of developing and delivering a speech. You will learn the essentials of speech organization, voice, language, gestures, and persuasion. In addition, you will learn how to communicate more effectively, improve upon your listening skills, and increase your self confidence. It's easy, it's fun, and it's a great way to impress your professor or supervisor when you have to present an assignment or project to them!
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Leadership Development

The Emerging Leaders Toastmasters Club will assist in your on-going leadership development. If you are shy, or intimidated about leadership involvement, Toastmasters will allow you to practice those skills in a non threatening environment. Toastmasters foster leadership skills by organizing and conducting meetings and motivating others to get involved. There are leadership roles and a leadership curriculum that allow you to practice and perfect those techniques that you have always been tempted to try!
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Career Preparation

By learning effective presentation techniques, the Emerging Leaders Toastmasters Club will help you to prepare for future career opportunities. When you interview with a potential employer, among other things, they will judge you on how well you communicate. Toastmasters can serve as a career enhancer by helping you develop important attributes that enable its members to become effective communicators and leaders. You can even put it on your resume!
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The Emerging Leaders Toastmasters Club is not operating during the 2014-2015 school year. Other clubs in the Bloomington area are still operating.
By joining Toastmasters, you will have access to Toastmasters organizations world wide! In addition, you will receive a membership start up kit that provides you with manuals on leadership and communication instruction. You will be able to attend speaking conferences at low or even no cost to you, and you receive expert instruction from one of the best club coaches in the region!
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Club Meetings

The Emerging Leaders ToastMasters Club is not active this school year, so please visit the ToastMasters website to find other ToastMaster groups in our community.