Vision, Mission, and Goals


The OMSLD will serve students and the campus community through mentoring services and initiatives reflective of the highest ethical, professional, and best practice standards of the field. Program efforts will promote diversity, equity, and excellence through unique contributions to a dynamic and strong campus community for the purpose of enhancing the quality of student life and learning, with special emphasis in working on the behalf of students from under-represented and/or under-served populations.


OMSLD mentoring services and initiatives will represent a comprehensive and developmental approach to understanding and enhancing the quality of undergraduate life and learning. Students, faculty, and staff will be encouraged to participate in a variety of initiatives supporting personal, social, cultural, academic, leadership, and professional growth. Finally, through unique contributions to the campus community and to student life, the OMSLD will be representative of the highest quality University efforts to create a stronger and more diverse campus community, better prepare students for life and work in a diverse and global society, and support a common future founded in enhanced achievement and success for all.


The OMSLD will: