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The Women of Color Leadership Conference (WOCLC) promotes African American, Asian American, Latino and Native American women by empowering them with the skills and knowledge needed to foster academic success; establish a support network; support the goal of graduation; and improve personal achievement by influencing leadership through representing unity and a commitment to collective betterment of humankind.


In 2008 the WOCLC was developed in response to the success of the Men of Color Leadership Conference (MOCLC). Several inquiries had been made as to when a similar venue would be established for women. In response to these inquiries, a space was established with the sole purpose of providing women of color the opportunity to meet and connect with individuals who have a sincere desire to promote the success of there communities. Like the men’s conference, the WOCLC fosters a unique venue for effective dialogue to colleagues of color from various universities, communities and agencies across the country.

In its inaugural year, over 120 students from institutions such as the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Eastern Illinois University, Indiana State, Clark University(MA), Purdue University, Indiana University, and high schools from the Monroe County School Corporation attended this event. The number of schools and students participating demonstrated the need and desire to discuss issues that focus upon the experiences of women of color. This conference will continue to evolve in a direction that will encourage women to take personal responsibility and accountability of their lives. In addition, the conference will empower them with the knowledge to engage in assessing and addressing the needs of their communities.



Women of Color Leadership Conference
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