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The WOCLC strives to continue to provide interactive opportunities to all present, past, and future participants. To help solidify our mission and hold true to our values, we have created the WOCLC Message Board.

As we move forward, continuing the dialogue on the issues that readily affect our communities is momentous for our success. Please feel free to pose your questions, concerns and/or comments. This venue will begin the journey of exploring remedies and solutions for the myriad of challenges males of color have to confront daily.

In order for this Message Board to be successful, we need your consistent support. The WOCLC Message Board is a neutral space that encourages honest dialogue.

Disclaimer: The messages posted on this board are the sole property of the individual that post their comments. The WOCLC and its constituents will not take responsibility or be held liable for the interactions that result from this communication. Rules for Engagement may be changed without notice. Activity with the Message Board is strictly voluntarily.

Rules for Engagement:

  1. Everyone has the right to express their opinion.
  2. The Message Board is not a battle field, but an opportunity for progressive dialogue.
  3. Anyone who wants their identity to be anonymous has that right without question.
  4. The Message Board is an Equal Access and Equal Opportunity venue; therefore we value all contributions from all sources.
  5. Vulgar or disrespectful language is prohibited.
  6. Everyone has the right to respectfully disagree or agree.

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