The OnBase Thick Client is installed directly on a user's workstation. It is the most functional of the OnBase clients and is used for Scanning, Virtual Printing, and Workflow. Because it is the most functional it is also the most technically intensive to set up. Some requirements for using the Thick Client are:

  • Must have Static IP Address
  • IP must be DNS registered with a reverse lookup then added to the database filter list
  • The version of Oracle installed on the workstation must match the Oracle database version
  • An ODBC connection to the Oracle database must be established

A Remote Desktop Server (RDS) Client version of OnBase is also availble. The RDS Client is the Thick Client installed on a shared server. Users would first log onto the server and then receive the OnBase log on box. The RDS Client is not as functional as the Thick Client and is used mainly for retrieving or indexing documents.

Contact Lisa Leedy for instructions on setting up the Thick client or the RDS client.

Support Files

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