What is OnBase?

OnBase is a document management system in use by multiple departments within the university. It allows the scanning, storage, and retrieval of paper documents as well as the importing and retrieval of other types of files (Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PDF documents).

It is basically organized by department. Each department defines the documents they wish to store and the keywords they wish to use to retrieve them. Then the system can be set up with security to allow only those approved users access to the documents.

The system also has a number of other features which can help automate a business process:

  • Workflow - electronic routing of documents to life cycles and queues custom configured per business process
  • E-Forms - electronic forms created and stored in OnBase allowing users to add or update information to the form
  • COLD Process - importing a data file into OnBase to create a document that routes through a workflow process and updates or stores the data on existing documents in OnBase
  • Subscription Server - adding emails and attachements to OnBase by sending them to a specified email address, the email must have a static subject line configured to store the email/attachment as a specified document type.
  • Document Import Process (DIP) - the import of documents and an index file for automated indexing of the document without the need for user ineraction

IUPUI Admissions incorporates workflow and many of the other modules to help automate their processes. Other departments that utilize workflow are IUB Domestic Admissions, IUPUI Office of International Affairs, IUPUI University College, IUPUI Financial Aid, and IUSM Graduate Division. And there are API's (Application Programming Interfaces) which allow programmatic access to the documents (currently in use within the FIS and EPIC systems to view images of the invoices and within the Risk Management system to see insurance forms).

From a technical perspective, the technical environment is being hosted on UITS servers at the Bloomington Data Center. The system has been implemented so that the majority of the interaction (retrieving and viewing documents) can be done via the web. Some of the more intense functions such as scanning, system administration, and workflow must be done at a workstation. And we have set up a Remote Desktop Server which allows a user to log into a web page and simulate the workstation environment. (One caveat is that this RDS application will not interface with scanners.)

This application is being used by multiple departments, UITS has ensured that a University Wide Enterprise License is available and any department, school or campus can utilize the software via the ELA without cost. Scanners, consulting and other non-software license specific costs still apply.