Here are some photos illustrating the Ugalla study site, a semi-arid chimpanzee habitat in western Tanzania.

This illustrates the topography of the region, including quartzite plateaus and a river valley. Note the ribbon of evergreen gallery forest along stretches of the river, and the burning of the woodland/grassland mosaic.

On this false color Landsat TM image of this area during the dry season it is easy to spot the bright red gallery forest along the same river shown in the previous photo.

The tops of the plateaus are covered with open miombo woodland.

This is a photo of Jim Moore (U.C. San Diego) collecting hairs from a chimpanzee nest on one of the miombo woodland covered slopes. Jim has been doing research on populations of "savanna chimpanzees" in this area for a number of years.

In this small basin it is easy to pick out an evergreen arboreal grove dominated by Cynometra.

The Cynometra grove provided a cool, shadey, dry season refuge in this deciduous woodland.

Chimpanzees nested in this grove on several occasions.

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