A105 Project Assignments

30% of your grade will be based on two written assignments.

Your AI will briefly introduce each of these during section time. Talk with your AI. to help you understand what our expectations will be for your written work.

These assignments are designed to help you think about important class concepts and interesting "real life" issues related to our evolutionary heritage. Each assignment will require some reading or practical research and serious thinking, written up in an essay of ~5 typed pages. We will ask you to turn in both a paper version of your paper, and an electronic version.

Each assignment has a specific due date, listed below. Assignments turned in late will lose one half grade credit for each day they are late.

Links to individual Written Assignment Topics will be posted on this page when the assignments are ready:

 Assignment Topic
 Due Date 
1. People and Primates
In your section meeting during the week of

October 11

2. Interpreting Evidence of the Past
In your section meeting during the week of

Nov 29

Remember to turn in an electronic copy of your paper to Turnitin.com by the date the paper version is due!

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