A521: Internship in Teaching Anthropology

Fall Semester 2000
4:30-6:30 pm Thursdays in Student Building 138

Jeanne Sept, Professor of Anthropology
Office: Student Building 038

855-5395; email: SEPT


Think of this course as a workshop in which we will work on improving our teaching skills.


Your performance in this course will be evaluated based upon your participation in class discussions, completion of weekly exercises and assignments, preparation and presentation of several mini-lectures and web materials to the class, and an evaluation of a course proposal and a teaching portfolio which you will prepare. I will also be observing your teaching skills "in action" during a visit to your class that will be scheduled in advance.

A521 Topics

Discussion Techniques
Lecturing Techniques
Strategies for effective teaching in anthropology
Micro-teaching: presenting a concept
Developing tests
Evaluation and academic dishonesty
The problem of assigning grades
Testing & Grading
Diversity in the Classroom
Teaching styles & Course organization
Technology for the anthropology classroom
Student learning styles & anthropology
Curriculum and course development
Developing your teaching portfolio

Important Online Teaching Resources

Teaching at Indiana: a guide to teaching tools and resources (This is an online version of the old AI Handbook)

Teaching Resource Center (the webpage of the TRC: their office is in Ballantine 132. They have a number of consultants who can work with you to help you evaluate your teaching, and develop teaching resources, such as teaching slides and overheads. They will also offer seminars on specific teaching topics throughout the academic year.)

Teaching and Learning Technology Lab (TLTL is located in Ballantine 307. We will visit TLTL during our class. They have computer facilities and a number of consultants who can work with you to learn to use technology effectively in your teaching, including everything from online conferencing, and basic class web-page construction, to multi-media development).

Instructional Support Services (ISS includes a group of different offices to help support your instructional efforts, including Media Resources and BEST, the bureau of evaluative testing and statistics)

Campus-wide Writing Program (consultants in this office can help you design more effective writing assignments for your courses, and can also help your students learn to write more effectively, throught the Writing Tutorial Services)

WWW Teaching Models

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