P314: Early Prehistory of Africa Fall 2000

Final Take-Home Essay 4: Debating modernity

This essay will be worth 15% of your course grade. (Limit: ~5 typed pages, double-spaced)

It is due before noon on Tuesday, December 12. (This essay will be due at the time of the scheduled final exam).

One of the most controversial current debates in African Prehistory is: When can we recognize the first evidence of truly modern human behavior in the archaeological record in Africa? Write an essay that evaluates possible answers to this question.

Guidelines: in your essay be sure to:

Demonstrate, in your essay, your ability to compare and integrate information from these different sources, and include references to all of the assigned readings on the MSA, to show your mastery of the relevant information needed to address this question. (You can also refer to data in TimeWeb if that is useful to you.) However, to show your understanding of the material, it is best to paraphrase (and cite) the sources in your own words, not to quote them.

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