P314 Earlier Prehistory of Africa

Computer activity for November 7

Middle Stone Age (MSA) in sub-Saharan Africa / Middle Paleolithic (MP) in northern Africa

After the Acheulian, new stone tool-making and using traditions appear in Africa. This technology, called the MSA or MP, seems to replace the earlier Acheulian industries.

Anatomically modern humans also seem to have evolved at the same time the MSA emerged. Did these people who looked "modern" behave like modern humans too?

e.g., How "modern" was the behavior of MSA people, and how can we tell?

Today we will explore some data to help you understand how the regional technological traditions of the MSA compared to the ESA.

While the Early Stone Age traditions had relatively few formal "types" of tools, and focused mostly on cores and flakes or large tools (like Acheulian handaxes), MSA industries were different:

The MSA new technology is characterized by:

MSA themes:

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